Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction

How do you know what is Erectile Dysfunction and what is its treatment

Many men these days are affected badly by Erectile Dysfunction. This is what because various diseases and bad life style. The reasons of this disease are increasing day by day. But before discussing the reasons behind the disease, we must know what actually Erectile Dysfunction is. It is a sexual disease. It effects on the penis and reduces the normal function during erotic activities. If the person feels some unnatural activity in sex and the penis gets weak, then the man affected by the disease. Hydraulic is a penile erection and that obstruct the blood to enter into the penis. Thus the regular blood circulation harmed and makes the body partially erected. One of the main reasons of such illness is the sexual provocation.

The connection between nerves of the brain and penis hindered and reduced the regular response. Therefore the spontaneous attitudes of sexual nerves have been abandoned. There are many causes of such disease, but people that are addicted by diabetes or cardiovascular disease have possibility to absorb by the problem. The people that are addicted by hormonal, drug and neurological difficulties have a chance as well. This disease is very common today, so people are affected with these diseases. There are also many other causes by which you can also affected by this disease.

If the person feels some irregular response regarding sexual actions and the libido reduction then the person must identify the illness as Erectile Dysfunction. The people must visit to the doctors as early as possible in such case. There are huge hazards in the infirmity and it may cause for bed rest and death in future.

Presence in modern era:

The disease can take birth in any place of the whole world. There are many countries that have already affected by the problem. As per as the market survey mostly the citizens of United States are under the harm of Erectile Dysfunction. The disease mainly engrosses over 75 years aged men. The past lifestyle and infirmity structure of bodies direct the person towards the disease. The people of United States that are addicted by diabetes, neurological problem or drug addictions are suffering from the illness. The report shows that over 30million nature of the country are under the shade of Erectile Dysfunction. Therefore, young age men should follow the information to secure the sexual acts of the future. The pre-generation are suffering by the trouble now. As the problem pursues the body in old age and diminish every fantasy, hence people must take pre-cautions.

What call the disease into the body?

There are many reasons of the disease. Everyone can get certain awareness about the problem. People of different anatomical and life structure can come under the possibility of the harms.

  • Weakness: The people that are feeling lazy in life and suffering through weakness of muscles can catch it. The powerful germ can take over the weak muscle and drives the people into the disease. Such person should visit with the experts for treatment. Immediate actions are important. The more amount of healthy food like fruits, chickens, boiled vegetables and others are must to get away from fatigue. Everyday take proper foods so that you can avoid body weakness. If you are weak and unhealthy, then any disease can attract you.
  • Pressure: The lifestyle of the modern era is very much hectic. The person can’t lead a smooth life without heavy workloads. Therefore the stress of works is affecting the nerves of society. The people of many civilizations are addicted by several neurological problems. Stress issue is a reason of the disease as well. The brains that are passing through pressures can be affected by the regular blood circulation of nerves and that may cause the Erectile Dysfunction.

People must separate their work time and rest time. The income must be controlled and all must fix a clear vision about the necessity. Therefore the pressure can be released and happy moods can boost them to lead a better life. Try to avoid any type of pressure and hectic lifestyle which can make your body ill. You can consult with a processional expert about your job to release stress also. They can help you to plan your program properly to release stress. Thus the sex dysfunction of mature can get away from the men.

  • Relationship: the past relationship can call such disease in the body. People must use medical paths before any kind of sex relationship. Modern culture allows open sex acts in several lands. It has some good parts as well as the others. The disease is one of the results of open sex. People are choosing the path of sex by little time affairs. Here the problem is some germs that can increase Erectile Dysfunction may live in bodies. It is very hard to know of anyone. Hence some pre-caution are essential in sex acts. Without any pre-caution you will badly affected by this disease.
  • Apprehension: the people that are getting nervous in little issues have chances to absorb the difficulty. The hypertension may call the symptoms of the disease and people can face deep troubles. The way to get relief is treatment. The person can select the way of meditation to control the hyper attitudes. The proper meditation, treatment and medicines can decrease the anxiety. Therefore the possibility of Erectile Dysfunction can live away in the next life.
  • Addiction: various types of drug addiction are very common thing for all aged group of people. Drug addiction hampers your life from every side. Drugs have direct connection with the disease. The people that are addicted to several drugs may increase Erectile Dysfunction in the future. There are harmful drugs like heroine, alcohol and others. Therefore, they must control the mental stimulation to take such stuffs. Alcoholic people must exercise everyday to reduce the harms. If the person can leave the addiction can take the body away from drug side effects. Here some reports are important. The present culture of the whole earth is mostly addicted by various drugs. People of all ages are under the intoxication. Hence the numbers of sexual dysfunction’s patients are increasing.

The symptoms:

There are some signs that prove the disease. The signs are very personal and people can’t share it with all. Therefore the article is here to aware the viewers. Now the person can identify the problem and catch the runway of medications.

The Erectile Dysfunction can differentiate the powerlessness to get hold of and keeping the erection. Here are the primary symptoms of the bug. 

  1. Get total control of creation and receive the actual response by the system.
  2. The nocturnal penile tumescence. It activates during sleeping when the body and mind are in less access. Hence the low energy of the muscles increases the pain.
  3. The functional work of body structure.
  4. The diabetes mellitus factor can enhance the reduction of libido.

The basic symptoms are here for the people. They can make a secure next by identifying the problems. There are many paths of treatment that can save patients. The nervous failures or weakness have connection with the disease a well.

Connection of many diseases with Erectile Dysfunction:

There are more than 10 factors that are directly or indirectly connected with ED. The early crisis of nerve, blood, brain, hormones, muscles and others are attached with it. Single factor of such problems can condense the normal flow of penis and its erection.

The disease list that has connection with ED:

  1. Various problems of hearts. Such as blockage, cardiac attacks and others. As hearts disease is very normal these days due to unhealthy lifestyle ED can affect you badly. Because ED is directly connected with this types of disease. 80% of heart blockage patients are also suffering from ED.
  2. Diabetes patients are also prime victims of this disease. (Mellitus and others genre).
  3. Obesity such as overweight, unfit bodies, unused parts of physic is the main causes of many diseases as well as for ED also.
  4. Multiple sclerosis.
  5. Over use of drugs, tobacco and alcohol.
  6. Extra growth of prostate gland is the reason of various sexual diseases. Enlargement of prostate gland is also the reason of ED.
  7. Parkinson’s virus.

Here is a report that says many patients include the ED problem for alcohol. The percentage crossed 72 now. People that engrossed by the disease are addicted by alcohol and several drugs. Other diseases are harming the body but not like alcohol. Hence the patients are passing through painful diagnoses to reduce the difficulty. The alcohol dependence syndrome makes the experts to research more and bring some highly equipped treatment. Therefore people must understand that the most dangerous reason of ED is drugs.

The Medications:

There are many types of treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. As the stages of the disease demand different grade of medications therefore the styles are various. Now the normal, natural, diagnoses and others are in the market.

Treatment for primary stage:

Here the addicted of ED can solve their trouble through basic changes in life. It is called standard treatments.

Firstly, people have to commence the morning through exercise. It has to be maintained regularly. The strict schedule of exercise is must. If the person can’t manage time in morning then it can be happened in other times of a day.

Secondly, losing weight is another essential criterion. The person has to have deep focus in controlling the food structure and alcohol as well as the regular exercise. Here people can fix the target of reducing a specific weight in limited time. The short aims can be accomplished with more energy. Consulting with experts is must.

Thirdly, people have to leave the tobacco. The stuff has direct connection with hearts. It blocks the hearts through some layers. The tobacco creates several surfaces in hearts and nerves that circulate blood in and out. Thus the normal level of breathing is decreasing. It may causes cardiac failures which has future relation with ED.

Fourthly, alcohol makes the stomach unhealthy as well as the kidney. The blood circulation of penis depends on Kidney very much. Hence the unable or powerless kidney can diminish the sexual performance. Here the viewers are clearly notified to live far from alcohol and energize the sex erections.

The second phase of treatment:

There are the medicines that can solve ED problem. The Viagra, Cialis or Levitra can enhance the blood circulation of penis. Here is a basic crisis of taking such medicines. The side effects like, nasal congestion, annoyance, unhealthy stomachs, hallucination, facial flushing and dizziness can take birth to the body. The patient of diabetes mellitus and low blood pressures should live away from such medications. The injections are there to take care of the testosterone as well but it has side effects too. The acne, breast swelling, over urination, scarring, tender in the penile nerves and mouth irritations are the side effects of such injections.  

Hence indentify the disease in normal stage and passes through exercise and primary medications are better than others. If people miss out to mark ED and take proper treatment in time then the helps are present.

How people can get relief from Erectile Dysfunction?

There are many paths to solve the ED problem. The ways are various. Here is twist, some cases are in that stage from where the person can select the path of treatment but some are completely depends on the experts. The person can’t avail any options.

The treatments are:

  1. Non-drug solutions – the way of non drug solutions means pumps through vacuums, penile inserts and surgeries. The method of various no drug solutions is different. Doctors utilize several processes in different purposes. The pump method is functioning at the previous stage of intercourse. It pulls the blood into the penis. Penile inserts is a risky process because an artificial stuff includes to the body. Hence the thing has chance to infect the body part.
  2. Panax – the “herbal Viagra” used in Panax Ginseng. The limited dosages for different cases are base of the treatments. Here the 600 – 1000 mg of medicine is must three times per day. The huge research behind the method develops it.
  3. DHEA – dehydroepiandrosterone is a method that can produce the natural hormones to the glands. It is a hormone of adrenaline genre. The egestrone and testosterone hormone of the bodies are being created through the process.
  4. L-Arginine – the natural amino acid of the body is L-Arginine. It has importance to make nitric acid of human bodies. The works of nitric acid is in decreasing the stress of blood vessels and serving the best erection level. The researchers bring the treatment process that can reproduce the capacity in case of destruction of original function.
  5. Acupuncture- according to the experiment of 1999, the Acupuncture method was used to enhance the excellence of erection of body. It helped 39% patients of that time. The percentage decreased to 21% according to the report of 2003.

Natural treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

There are natural treatments as well. The disease can be recovered completely in such paths. The natural treatments are like the alternative process. Zinc pills for men ashwagandha herbal process and gingko are the base of natural treatment. Pycnogenol which is a substance of Pinus Pinaster is also very helpful for this disease. It is a kind of tree exact. The patients that get relief by such method are in the society but it is not applicable for all stages. Therefore people should take the modern equipped system to fight with Erectile Dysfunction. The treatment methods are in the market after keen research. Hence there are no chances to fear about complicated tools, techniques and medications. But only prefer branded medicine company and bring medicines and use them from there.  

Bad food habits and irregular life style

In today’s world we can see various types of diseases by which we are affecting badly. These are all because our bad food habit. For making our body fit and fine and also to avoid various diseases we must change our bad food habits. We should eat various vegetable and minerals to maintain our body. If our body are ok from inside to outside to virus can affect us. To avoid Erectile Dysfunction you need a proper blood circulation and for that exercise is also must.

Search internet to gather more information

 To know more about Erectile Dysfunction and its treatment search Google. You can also get various information’s from there. Herbal treatments to medial treatments are available there. Prefer only branded compant But before trying any treatment consult with your doctor. Your doctor can easily help you in this field. As your doctor advice you a better treatment as per your complications which will be more useful for you. As this disease is very known to all you should not be ashmed. Better try this medicine to cure your problem.

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